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 Human Resources and Management  
Leaking to Media is Valid Reason for Dismissal  
A good reputation can take a long time to build but just a short time to destroy, which is one reason why employers are so careful about how they are portrayed in the media. Two separate decisions by the federal employment tribunal have upheld the actions of employers who believed employees had leaked, or were trying to leak, information about them.
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 Personal Tax  
Personal Services Income: A Refresher  
Individuals or those with companies that earn income through personal effort and skills should be familiar with the concept of personal services income (PSI). This includes tradespeople but also for consultants that work in a wide variety of fields. Earning PSI is not an ideal outcome as it can limit the deductions you can claim. However, this situation can be potentially avoided if you satisfy the criteria for a personal services business (PSB) or apply to the ATO for a Personal Services Business Determination.
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