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 Human Resources and Management  
Employer Held Liable for Sexual Assault, Ordered to Pay Former Employee $313,000  
A tribunal has ordered an employer to pay over $313,000 to a worker who was sexually assaulted by another employee, rejecting the employer's claim that it was not vicariously liable because the assault did not happen "at work" or while the assailant was working.
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 Personal Tax  
Private Health Insurance Rebate Frozen  
Is your private health insurance getting more expensive every year? Part of the reason could be that the government has once again introduced legislation to freeze the private health income thresholds. While the government likes to blame the private health funds for hikes adding to the cost of living, the reality is that the income thresholds for the private health insurance incentive has not been indexed to keep pace with inflation since the 2014-15 income year, with the rebate percentage staying the same as the 2019-20 income year.
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