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Hi, . Here are your Articles for 17/10/02019.'
 Timely Opportunities  
Health Insurance And Your Tax: Uncovered  
If you don't hold private hospital cover – or are thinking about dropping it – make sure you understand the financial consequences. You could be hit with an extra tax surcharge of up to 1.5% or cost yourself extra premiums in future. Don't get stung! Read our guide to help you make an informed decision about taking out private health cover.
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 Human Resources and Management  
Employer Underpays Worker: Court Finds Accounting Firm Accessorily Liable  
The Federal Circuit Court has found that a payroll service provider was liable as an accessory for its involvement in a Japanese food chain's underpayment of a worker.
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 Personal Tax  
Rental Property Deductions: What Can I Claim? Part 2  
Are you paying off a loan for an investment property you've purchased? The ATO says over-claimed interest is a common error made in rental property expense claims. Find out when you can deduct your interest payments and other associated loan costs, and stay on top of the rules this tax time.
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