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 Timely Opportunities  
Super Guarantee Loophole Closed  
A superannuation guarantee loophole that allowed employers to use salary sacrificed contributions to make up part of their required super guarantee contributions has been closed. From 1 January 2020, employers must make the full amount of mandatory super guarantee contributions and cannot use salary sacrificed amounts to reduce that amount. Depending on the type of employment agreement you have with your employer, it could mean more money for your retirement.
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 Sales and Marketing  
Commercial Websites: Navigating Capital and Revenue Deductions  
Australian businesses are increasingly adopting websites as essential sales and marketing tools. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has reported that just under half of businesses have a web presence, and online ordering has increased, generating $286 billion in revenue in 2015. Similarly, social media engagement is trending upward, with a third of Australian businesses now using these marketing channels. As technological permutations continue to impact the way businesses operate, our taxation system must too keep pace.
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 Superannuation and Financial Planning  
Beware Of Insurance Changes In Superannuation  
You may have heard a lot recently about super funds providing either opt-in or opt-out insurance and have wondered how will affect you and your retirement savings. Perhaps you've heard horror stories about super funds cancelling people's insurance. Don't fret, in most cases cancellation of insurance only happens in limited instances, and your fund will most likely notify you before any cancellation occurs. As for opt-in and opt-out insurance, the changes are coming, but not until 1 April 2020, so if you're affected you'll have plenty of time to prepare.
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