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Hi, . Here are your Articles for 28/06/02019.'
 Timely Opportunities  
New ATO Guidelines: Is Your Passive Company Running A "Business"?  
Got a passive corporate entity that holds an investment property or perhaps plant and equipment? The ATO has confirmed it takes a broad approach to when a company carries on a "business", which means some company taxpayers may be entitled to business tax concessions they hadn't previously considered. Find out if your company is affected.

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 Superannuation and Financial Planning  
Binding Nominations: Make Sure Your Super Passes Into The Right Hands  
Your superannuation balance is probably one of your biggest assets – perhaps up there with the family home. It's therefore vital to plan for how that money will be distributed on your death. Find out how a binding nomination can give you peace of mind that your wishes will be complied with when you've passed on.
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 Human Resources and Management  
Retailer Cops $237k in Damages for Workplace Bullying  
The Fair Work Commission's new anti-bullying regime cannot order financial compensation, but employers may still be found liable for breaches of their duty of care in court. In this case, a retailer had to pay an employee more than a quarter of million dollars for a psychiatric injury caused by workplace bullying.
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