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 Timely Opportunities  
End Of Super Guarantee Amnesty: What's Next?  
The super guarantee amnesty which allowed employers to come forward to declare any super guarantee (SG) shortfalls and self-correct SG underpayments with reduced penalties has officially ended. For businesses eligible for the amnesty, the work is not over, to retain the benefits of the amnesty, the super guarantee charge amount disclosed in the application must either be paid in full or a payment plan must be entered into. For businesses that are not eligible for the amnesty, the ATO has outlined its proposed treatment including administrative penalties.
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 Sales and Marketing  
Commercial Websites: Navigating Capital and Revenue Deductions  
Australian businesses are increasingly adopting websites as essential sales and marketing tools. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has reported that just under half of businesses have a web presence, and online ordering has increased, generating $286 billion in revenue in 2015. Similarly, social media engagement is trending upward, with a third of Australian businesses now using these marketing channels. As technological permutations continue to impact the way businesses operate, our taxation system must too keep pace.
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 Superannuation and Financial Planning  
SMSF In-House Asset Exemption Due To COVID-19  
To prevent SMSFs falling afoul of the in-house asset provisions when they give related party tenants a rent deferral due of financial hardship caused by COVID-19, the ATO has released a draft legislative instrument. The instrument proposes to provide an in-house asset exemption for an asset that is attributable to the deferral of rental income measures implemented to provide COVID-19 financial relief. SMSFs using this exemption may be required to keep documentation to ensure that the parties continue to deal with each other on an arm's length basis.
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