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Hi, . Here are your Articles for 13/06/02019.'
 Timely Opportunities  
ABN Registrations Under Scrutiny: Does Yours Stack Up?  
Have you run a small business that has ceased or paused operations? Or perhaps you've been hired as an ABN contractor? The ATO is cleaning up the Australian Business Register and is on the lookout for people who may not be entitled to hold an ABN. Find out what the ATO's concerns are and understand your responsibilities as an ABN holder.
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 Goods and Services Tax (GST)  
"Netflix Tax" Now Operational: Businesses Need to Be on Their Toes  
Measures commonly referred to as the "Netflix Tax" came into effect on 1 July 2017. These bring supplies of intangibles made by non-resident suppliers to Australian consumers within the net of Australia's goods and services tax (GST) system. While the measures originally focused on taxing the supply of digital download products to Australian consumers, they also capture the supply of anything (other than goods or real property) that is made by offshore businesses to Australian consumers, unless the supply is otherwise GST-free or input taxed.
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 Sales and Marketing  
Tax Gets Social: Digital Marketing and Financial Incentives for Small Business  
Over the past year we've seen a number of tax incentives on offer for small business, including a reduction in the company tax rate, an increase in the instant asset write-off threshold and, in the digital arena, the tax deductibility of expenditure on intangible assets, such as commercial websites.

We've have also seen a number of tax reforms and changes in the labour and consumer markets that have affected impacting many small to medium businesses: the ATO is cracking down on the cash economy and the gig economy has brought an increase in flexible and diverse work habits, including the trend to run a "side hustle", where formerly hobby activities become the basis for viable businesses. Never has there been a better time to get social! And by that we mean it's time to consider using social media marketing for your business.
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